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"Sitting in my garden with my dog, a border collie called Cooper. I'm listening in from the sunny South East of Ireland and enjoying the music and the sunshine. Thanks for the great vibes Mike."

Lorraine Tait (Ireland)

"What a nice radio station, great playlist. I'm listening every day.

Luiz Henrique

Came across Pure Gold UK when asking Alexa to play 'Gold UK' and haven't stopped listening since down here in Crewe.

Fantastic music that's awesome and brings back great memories from school days to growing up.

All of the 60s and some 50s must show my age but hey.

Keep up the great music.

Col (Crewe)

I live in Queensland Australia and listen to your radio station via internet radio and think you have a wide expanse of music which i can relate to as I am a early baby boomer and have gone through the 50s to the 80s liking this music, It’s a great radio station so keep it up. I enjoy listening to it. There’s not many station like yours giving you a wide array of music over the decades. LOVE IT.

Mike Saurin (Australia)

I only discovered you yesterday by default via my Alexia, and I do not know exactly how it happened, however, WOW what a fantastic radio station. You play the most exciting vintage gone by music songs ever! I work from home and have listened to you for 2 days now. I'm Hooked! Please keep the good work up! Thank you. Sonya xx

Sonia Smith-Hughes

Mari I thoroughly enjoy your programme. 
Always a fabulous mix of music and a bonus when you get to dedicate songs for friends and family on your show. 
I particularly love northern soul and your dedicated show, takes me back. 
Keep up the good work and keep the faith.

Marie Ruffley (Leigh)

Listening live, in rural Western Australia.

You are the perfect late night show Nige!

Better than our local drivel here.

No nonsense radio at its best! Cheers!

Mark J. McClellan

 Nige, I believe you should have a nostalgia / diverse informative slot for a few hours on national radio. You could do this easy. You know your singers/artists and their background (of which many presenters don't) plus humour and laughs and I've never heard any awkward "dead air time" on Pure Gold UK.

Ron Francis (Liverpool)

"Love the music played by Mari Buckley. Excellent DJ and the only station I get to hear my favorite band “Shakatak”. Mari rocks!!!"

Earl Davis (USA)

Hi! This radio station so so does it for me. Thank you. Regards.

Danny Papa

Hope you get paid for what you do at Pure Gold UK because you sound very professional

Kenny Davies

Great shows across the board from all the presenters.

Tune in, have a listen especially into Nigel Bateman slot Wednesday 2-4pm, had me singing all the oldies. What's even better is that its local based....Try beat this Smooth FM you should be worried :)

Arron Thompson




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